First Thoughts
by Janelle Darkstone Sat, November 15th, 2014
Janelle Darkstone

Hi there!

It's been about a week since I decided to make the move from posting comics on another forum to posting at Comic Fury; I wanted to have more control over image size, content and accessibility, and Comic Fury has made this exceptionally simple.

In the short time I've been active here I have met a few wonderful people and had several amazingly encouraging comments.  I was struck very early on at how quickly people would come in, look at my offering(s) and offer their kind words.  Such things brighten one's day, that's for certain... and I've poked around a bit here and there and done my part to try to share the love as well, although probably not nearly as much as those people who make webcomics something of a career and spend ungodly amounts of time here... or seem to, anyway.

It's strange... I am somewhat socially timid in real life and am comfortable in the thought my comics are being read only by a small group of people, and at the same time I find some sort of elation in watching my traffic numbers and subscribers climb.  I can't explain why.

My recent efforts are all 3D comics which I know a lot of people tend to look down on, and I can understand why.  I've tried to keep some things consistent: have easily recognizable and distinct characters, a simple, relatable story, and entries that can stand on their own and don't require my readers to backtrack and refresh on what the current storyline might be.  I hope I've succeeded.

It's been an incredibly exciting journey so far.  I'm hoping it will continue to be so.  cheeky